Pam Boardman

Pam Boardman

CEO and President

Talk about engaging, magnetic, funny, and charming, that is Pam Boardman.

Pam is a Managing Partner and the President of Smart Industry Careers.

In parallel with helping our clients fill their open positions, our goal is to enhance our candidate’s experience with us and be there for the life of their¬†careers. Pam is often the first contact with many of our candidates and enjoys getting to know everyone as a person.


Pam joined the firm in 2013 after 30-years in the financial industry. Roles included Sales Assistant, Office Manager, and Commodities Trader.

A Commodities Trader must be strong, fearless, and confident in their ability to see things in the future that others may not.

Pam has these futuristic conversations daily with people. What would you like in terms of:

  • Challenge
  • Location
  • Advancement
  • Money (and benefits)
  • People (and culture)
  • Security (of job, of company, of career)

Give her a call!