Phil Zito

Phil Zito

Building Automation Systems Trainer & Consultant to Building Automation Smart Industry

Phil is the founder of Building Automation Monthly ( and author of:

  • Building Automation Systems A to Z: How to Survive in a World Full of BAS
  • Information Technology for BAS Professionals
  • Design Fundamentals for BAS Professionals

Keeping your Controls Technicians and Controls Engineers up to speed on the latest in BAS can be a full-time job in itself, especially as we propel rapidly into the world of IT.

  • Would you like to assess your BAS team?
  • Ensure your staff remains up to speed on BAS?
  • Evaluate your potential new hires?
  • Have an ongoing career development plan for your current staff?

If so, let’s discuss.


Here’s Phil’s backstory:

It was January 23rd, 2007. After five years in the US Navy, Phil was ready to move back to the civilian world and build a life with his wife and 1-year old daughter.

He also had a choice to make. Phil had been offered 3 jobs when he left the military. He could work as a technician at a soap manufacturer, a manager at a glass factory, or a programmer at a BAS company.

While he still may have missed his calling to invent the next version of Palmolive, he took the BAS programmer’s role. So, there he was, 2-weeks into his new job and he was asked to program a central plant.

A central what?

Phil didn’t know if this was a potted plant or something else! Imagine the panic as the chiller deadheaded because he didn’t know he needed to open up the isolation valves before turning it on! Soon thereafter he was let go. Talk about freaking out! He had a family; mouths to feed.

And that began Phil’s deep-dive into the world of BAS. He vowed to never be let go again.

Today he is one of the premier trainers of BAS.

We are privileged to have Phil as a consultant to Smart Industry Careers.